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Appeal for Medical Aid Donations

Urgent Requirement of Medical Aid in J&K Flood hit Areas

To All Leading Health Care Providers in India


Apollo Hospitals
Escorts & Fortis Healthcare
Delhi Heart & Lung Institute
Gangaram Hospital
Paras Hospitals
National Heart Institute
Max Health Care
Fortis Hospitals

We at RAAHAT AID are calling for medical aid for J&K’s flood hit people who are still trapped in their homes due to massive flooding. Estimated 600,000 thousand people have been affected and their homes destroyed.Only under 150,000 have been evacuated and they are sheltering in Camps on higher ground. Homes are still flooded with water and are collapsing and cases of illnesses are being reported in children. Corpses are being found in Srinagar’s collapses houses. After 2 weeks of this disaster state health ministry is struggling to cope as hospital infrastructure has also been destoyed.

We are working tirelessly to supply relief to areas badly affected and have volunteers on the ground who are even risking rescue missions themselves in 2 boats we have. Our delhi based volunteer team are collecting, packing and shipping 1T-3T+ aid everyday.

We have a backing of organisations like Indigo, Spicejet and Shanti Gyan Niketan NGO for our efforts and we are making a difference by getting food, water ,blankets,medicines and other supplies to the needy. As state authorities and local health ministry is in shambles we as RAAHAT AID pledge to try to reach the ones in desperate need with the help of donations. We are pleading for help in form of medical Aid from you as top organisations in this sector and we believe no one else understands medical care better than you do and necessity and importance of medical aid. This aid can be collected from you or dropped off to our different centres across delhi.

Please visit www.Timesofkashmir.com/Raahat-Aid for information on what we have done so far and locations of our aid drop off locations.

We are calling for medical supplies as AID as listed below:

1. Tetanus,typhoid,cholera,flu vaccinations
2. Glucometers and strips
3. Amoxycillin
4. Insulin with syringes
5. Hypertension drugs
6. Thyroid Drugs
7. AngioCath
8. Voveran Injections
9. Cramer wires
10.Ibuprofen 400.

Please be generous and donate, You will save lives so make a difference NOW. We will accept short expiry medicines as well as long as they are past september.

Best regards
Tweet @timesofkashmir
Email: RaahatAid@gmail.com
Web: www.Timesofkashmir.com/Raahat-Aid


Med Aid shipped from Delhi to Kashmir

Med Aid shipped from Delhi to Kashmir














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